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Amada Miyachi's Miyachi Eapro brand newhorizon pulsed heat hot bar resistance soldering machine is a fully integrated, reflow soldering machine which utilizes a pulsed heat thermode technology for hot bar reflow soldering, resistance soldering, and heat staking applications requiring between 8 and 80 Newtons force. 

Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering & Heat Staking Systems - newhorizon

Fully integrated, systems for resistance soldering, reflow solding & hot bar bonding

  • Compact, Standard Systems
  • Miyachi Unitek Uniflow 4 Pulsed Heat Reflow Soldering Power Supply
  • Robust Frame Construction
  • Active Integrated Cooling
  • X-Y Thermode Co-Planarity Adjustment
  • Electronic System Control
  • Pneumatic Bonding Head
  • Digital Force Readout

Miyachi Eapro's newhorizon Heat Seal Bonding / Heat Staking System is a fully integrated, bonding system which joins parts utilizing  constant heat technology, a pneumatic bonding head and customized hot bar thermode.  Bonding head is capable of applying up to 750 Newtons of force, making it ideal for for flex to pcb and flex to lcd applications.

ACF Bonding and Heat Staking Systems - newhorizon


  • Compact, Standard Systems
  • Integrated Constant Heat process control
  • Robust Frame Construction
  • X-Y Hot Bar Planarity Adjustment
  • Electronic System Control
  • Pneumatic Bonding Head
  • Digital Force Readout

Amada Miyachi's Desktop Bonders are table top hot-bar systems which utilize pulsed heat thermode technology for hot bar soldering, reflow soldering, hot bar bonding and heat seal bonding.With a quick and inexpensive tooling and thermode retrofit, the DT Series Desktop Bonders can also do heat staking at a fraction of the price of purchasing a piece of equipment specifically for that purpose!

Desktop Hot-Bar Bonding Systems - DT Series

Desktop systems for hot bar soldering and heat seal bonding

  • Manual and automated systems
  • Miyachi Unitek Uniflow 4 Reflow Soldering Power Supply
  • Manual or pneumatic bonding heads
  • Thermo-plane thermodes with Quick Connect Blocks
  • Linear or rotary motion
  • Suitable for both Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking Applications

Designed for repair and low volume production applications, the Emerald Series flat panel display repair stations can handle a range of different panel sizes using a variety of pulsed or constant heat bonding methods. One system can manage displays from 3" to 65" wide. The systems are designed for both TAB and COG applications. Systems can be specified to handle LCD only; PDP only; or both PDP and LCD repair.

Hot Bar Bonding LCD Repair Station - Emerald Series


  • For Medium to Large LCD/PDP Panels (3" to 65")
  • Wide Variety of TAB Sizes and Shapes
  • Wide Variety of PCB Sizes and Shapes