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Amada Miyachi's Delta Series laser welding systems are flexible, low cost, lean-manufacturing-ready Class I environments for precision laser spot and laser seam welding of medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace components as well as a broad range of other industrial applications.

Low Cost, Flexible Laser Welding Workstations

  • Economical with High Performance Industrial Laser Equipment
  • Class I Eyesafe Enclosure
  • Multi-axis CNC Motion with G & M Code Programming
  • Lean Manufacturing Style - Small Footprint
  • Stable, Ergonomic Platform
  • Customizable

LMWS with LMF70-HP is a CE compliant and CDRH Class 1 laser welding workstation with an integrated 70 watt fiber laser which combines cutting-edge technology with industrial robustness for welding applications. This versatile system has numerous performance options to match the right laser to the application. Applications include welding metals, plastics and dissimilar metal welding. By simply changing the settings, LMWS also has the capability to mark, engrave, cut, drill, and ablate thin materials.

Fiber Laser Welding Workstation

  • 20-70 W pulsed fiber laser welders
  • High-power, high-speed lasers for welding metals, and plastics
  • Welding of dissimilar materials: Cu to Al, Al to SS, Cu to SS, and more!
  • Multiple integration options to match process needs Complies with IEC13849 – 1 category 3 PL,d safety circuitry with proper integration
  • Unit comes with integrated stage controllers for up to 4 axes of motion, used for applications such as step and repeat welding, focal plane height adjust and rotary welding