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  • M17series
F&K Model 2017 benefits from an innovative platform strategy with a number of work areas,whereby the different wirebond technologies and transducer frequencies can be deployed on the same machine base.
• Industry 4.0: Over 600 input, process and output parameters to avoid manufacturing faults
• Panorama pattern recognition to create new bond programmes in the shortest possible time
• Superior processing of even the most critical surfaces with varying pattern and structure algorithms
• Low-mass linear-motor-X/Y table and a new high-speed motion system
• Sophisticated, vibrations damping machine frame with the smallest footprint on the market

2017 S\
• Smallest footprint on the market with maximum productivity
• Optimised scaling of your investment
• Sustainable technology through proven, exchangeable bond head principle
• Manual or automatic parts handling

2017 D\
• Smallest footprint on the market with double the output
• Perfect for high-volume production
• Best TCO through combination of fine wire and heavy wirebond technologies
• Pin or belt indexer with in-line pulltester

2017 L\
• Flexible parts handling height, up to 500 mm
• Highest flexibility with the combination of manual and automatic parts handling:
- Two manual work holders
- Single track indexer with manual work holder
- Dual track indexer with bond-off station

2017 XL\
• Largest work area on the market
• No interference from mainframe components as with gantries
• Flexible parts handling height, up to 500 mm
• Perfect for BMS and battery connections