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  • FC/BJD2800
Today the world's most sophisticated HB-LED lighting, wireless, ophthalmic lens, triple junction PV solar, precision optic and telecom sub-systems rely on millions of devices that are made using Temescal deposition systems and components.\

1. Load Lock Design for Fast Cycle Batch Production
2. Drop Down and Swing Out Source Tray
3. High Performance E-Gun and Controller
4. All OEM Components Coming from World-Leading Suppliers
5. A Wealth of Experience in Lift-off Process
6. High Uniformity and High Material Utilization
7. Extremely Reliable and Flexible System Control
8. Fab-Proven Stability, Repeatability, Reliability, Yield, Uptime and Throughput
9. Strong Process Development and Technical Support

Mid-Sized Coaters for Production and Large Wafer R&D Applications