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  • Glovebox
Amada gloveboxes can be configured using any combination of ovens and antechambers, gas analyzers, moisture monitors, environmental controls, additional environmental chambers, and more - to meet your unique process requirements.
Alpha \
  • Designed for integrated seam sealing, projection welding, or stand-alone use
  • Vacuum bakeout oven range from ambient-125° plus higher options
  • Secure locking oven door
  • Includes oil-free vacuum pump
  • Ergonomically designed viewing
  • Extremely low maintenance
MX2000 \
  • Wide choice of control capabilities
  • Range of vacuum pumps
  • Sturdy, rugged, modular design
  • Optional programmable logic
  • Optional single or dual-column gas purification units
AX5000 \
  • Fully computerized operation
  • Historical and real time graphical display
  • Independent vacuum pumping systems on all ovens and antechambers
  • Integrated moisture, oxygen, argon, and helium monitoring
  • Configurable modular design