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  • 56xx wire bonder
The series 56XX is completely unique on the world market. No other supplier comes even close to offering the features of this bonder: all wire bond processes thanks to exchangeable bond heads; convertibility to pull and shear testers; programmable for fully automatic operation; optional pattern recognition unit.
This machine stays forever young because it grows with the requirements and the technology. The best way to protect your investment.
5610 \ Ball-wedge
5630 \
wedge-wedge 45°or 60° feeding
Au/Alu 17.5~76um
5632 \ wedge-wedge deep access
Au/Alu 17.5~76um
Au/Alu ribbon 30×12,5 ~250×125µm
5650/HR \ wedge-wedge
Heavy Al wire 100~500um(5650)
Heavy Al ribbon1000×100~2000×300um(HR)