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  • 58xx wire bonder
Series 58 featuring exchange able bond heads allow all the wire bond process.
A fully automatic mode makes it ideally suited for medium-scale production.
Parts to be bonded are fed manually by the operator, but the bonds are produced
completely without operator influence. Thanks to the built-in pattern recognition.
Single bonds can be made within seconds, making the machine perfect for R&D
and pilot manufacturing


5810 5830 5832 5850&5850HR


Ball-wedge17.6~50um Au

wedge-wedge17.6~76um Au,Alu

wedge-wedge 17.6~76um Au,Alu

wedge-wedge 30×12.5~250×25um Au ribbon

wedge-wedge 100~500um Heavy wire Alu

wedge-wedge  max 2000×300um Alu Ribbon


Ball-wedge wedge-wedge 45°,60° 90° deep access wedge-wedge wedge-wedge  wire guide and cutter configration


60~140KHz可,max 30w 60~140KHz,max30w 60~140KHz,max30w 60~140KHz,max30w

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