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  • 53xx wire bonder

Our new manual universal thin wire bonder 53XX is the perfect choice for R&D labs, prototype building and repair facilities whenever highest bond quality is required but only a limited budget is available.
The second unique feature of the 53XX BDA is the built-in motorized Y-axis. It is fully programmable and produces an entire bond loop, complete with programmable tear-off function and tail definition. Especially for miniaturized microwave bonds, this guarantees perfectly reproducible bonds with no operator influence.
Complicated loop forms including reverse loops or stitch bonds are easily executed with minimum operator influence. Ball-bumping is also provided. Uncommonly for a manual bonder, all parameters are programmed and saved on the internal hard disk, supported by a large LCD colour display and our popular shuttle wheel which is quick and intuitive to handle.
Our proprietary ultrasonic system is software-switchable between 60 kHz and 100 kHz to allow best adaptation to different bonding surfaces. The transducer is easily exchanged by the user within minutes. The 53XX BDA software allows several operating modes from a fully manual step-by-step mode to a production mode where the operator only has to move to the bond positions and then pushes a single button.


53xxBDA 5310 5330 5350&5350HR


Ball-wedge 17.6~50um Au

wedge-wedge 17.6~76um Au,Alu

wedge-wedge 30×12.5~250×25um Au Ribbon

Ball-wedge17.6~50um Au

wedge-wedge17.6~76um Au Alu

wedge-wedge100~500um Heavy Alu

wedge-wedge max 2000×300um Alu ribbon


Ball-wedge,90°deep access wedge-wedge  Ball-wedge wedge-wedge 45°,60° wedge-wedge wire guide and cutter configration


60KHz/100KHz 5w 60KHz/100KHz 5w 60KHz/100KHz 5w 60KHz 25w



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5330 \ \
5350 \ \
5350HR \ \