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  • SRO706getter
Technical Data:
–Footprint:960x720x1340mm (LxWxH)
–Working Height:950 – 1050mm adjustable
–Weight:240kg (options dependent)
–Heated Area:313x240mm
–Heating Principle:IR
–Heating Method:IR Lamp array within quartz tubes
Top Heater IR Lamp array within quartz tubes
(in Chamber lid integrated)
–Heating Zones:6; PID controlled\
–Chamber LidManual open/close; Automatic lock/un-lock
–Cooling water supply
–Power Connection:3 x 400VAC 50/60Hz; 32A Other Power Options available
–Clearance 100mm above heater plate
–Process temperature up to 450°C
•< +/-2-3% over 85% of the heated area (15mm edge exclusion)
–Helium leak rate < 5,0 x 10-9mbar x l/s
–25mm Viewing window at the front side wall
–Vacuum options:
•<5 x 10-2mbar, dry scroll pump
•<5 x 10-6mbar, dry scroll/turbo pump
–Optional Atmospheres:
•Residual gas analysis
•O2 monitoring
•humidity (H2O) monitoring