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TRESKY Automatic System

Precision Die Attach Equipment with the most level of flexibility and customization

TRESKY T-Series Die Bonder is a fully automated all-purpose system built on a sophisticated granite gantry and high precision motion control system.
The throughput for the latest advanced packaging applications has been extremely improved.
With numerous available options, the T-Series can be customized to suit all market needs.
This system offers our customers the opportunity to grow from a manual manufacturing process to a fully automated process without any additional hardware changes. Just a few software clicks will guide you through this process.

With different functional options, the T-Series can performs various applications, such as:
Die Attach, Die Sorting, Flip-Chip, 3D Packaging,  MEMS, MOEMS, VCSEL, Photonics, Ultrasonic, Thermosonic, Thermocompression, 
RFID, Sensor Assembly, Adhesive Bonding, UV Curing, Eutectic Bonding (AuAu, AuSn, .....), ......